About Nanologica

About Nanologica

Nanologica combines unique know-how in the field of materials technology with a genuine interest in solving real problems in life science. The company works with nanoporous silica which has properties that are attractive in a wide variety of applications.

Nanologica is unique in that it is a world leader in controlling the form, type of porosity and surface area of particles of silica. This competence can be used to produce particles that have the potential to solve problems in diverse application areas. The company’s core competency has been developed and expanded into two business areas: drug delivery and chromatography, a technology used for the separation and purification of products on the market and in development.

In order to succeed, development work is carried out in close dialog with customers.



Nanologica’s vision is to improve the quality of life for patients undergoing expensive or inadequate treatment for various diseases.

Nanologica combines the expertise in materials sciences together with understanding the end-users’ needs, to improve products and processes in the life sciences industry.

As a world leader in nanoporous particles for drug formulation and chromatography separation, Nanologica aims to make a positive impact to the world by leveraging its expertise for the betterment of mankind.



Nanologica was founded in 2004. The company grew out of Dr. Alfonso Garcia-Bennett’s research, which focused on the synthesis and application of new porous materials and the development of industrially relevant applications.

The starting point for Nanologica’s work is material science, a field in which the company’s founder has developed and patented completely new materials. The initial research was based at Stockholm University and the Ångström laboratories at Uppsala University.

In 2011, Nanologica shifted focus from carrying out research on the material to building a robust commercial operation. A new management team was recruited by 2012, and operations focused on analytical chromatography and drug delivery.


2004 – 2009

Nanologica underwent an orientation phase during which the various possibilities and options were evaluated. Nanologica started to concentrate its efforts on solar cells and drug delivery. Exeger (solar cells) was formed with Nanologica as the major owner.


The first studies in drug delivery, NLAB Silica™, were carried out. The company’s shareholding in Exeger was distributed to Nanologica’s shareholders.


Since 2012, Nanologica has conducted the NLAB Saga™ development project, which aims to develop a silica particle for chromatographic use, specifically for what is known as analytical chromatography.

Together with a research group at Stockholm University led by Professor Tore Bengtsson, 2012-2014, Nanologica conducted a series of experiments which showed that silica has the potential to treat obesity. Sigrid Therapeutics was founded in 2014 to create a clear and commercial focus for the success in treating overweight and obese individuals,. Sigrid Therapeutics was spun out in 2014.

At the start of 2015, Nanologica received an important confirmation of NLAB Silica™ technology (drug delivery) when a customer decided to take a test project for a generic drug to the clinical development phase.

The project, NanoALS, was launched in 2015. This project has the potential to develop a treatment which would entail ALS no longer being regarded as a fatal disease but a chronic disease.


During 2016 and 2017 the company’s transformation from a research company to a commercial company became more clear as the first chromatographical columns were launched. Intense product development within analytical as well as preparative chromatography was carried out.

In Drug Delivery the technical platform underwent further development and a pipeline of projects where reformulation of existing drugs could address limited therapeutic options for patients was built, with a focus on the benefits for the patient.


In 2018 sales of Nanologica’s analytical SVEA columns developed, primarily in Asia, with China as the largest market.

A first commercial license agreement for parts of the technology platform was signed, meaning the platform has a clear route towards clinical studies. In addition, an internal clinical project within gastroenterology was initiated.

Management Team

team member

Andreas Bhagwani

CEO since 2011andreas.bhagwani@nanologica.com

Education and training:
MBA from Stockholm School of Economics, studies in agronomy at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala.

Main experience:
Andreas is the co-founder of several companies, the most recent being Sigrid Therapeutics AB (obesity therapy) and Atrogi AB (diabetes). Andreas has worked as a management consultant for over a decade, specialising in sales and leadership. In addition to the above companies, he is a co-founder at Kichisaga Leadership (management consultancy) and GenderTimer (cell phone app).

Other assignments:
Board member and owner of Vega Bianca AB, deputy board member and co-owner of Kichisaga Leadership AB, as well as co-owner of Atrogi AB and Mailendar AB.

Holds 1,683,364 shares through the company Vega Bianca AB.

team member

Eva Osterman

CFO since 2017eva.osterman@nanologica.com

Education and training:
Master’s degree in Business Administration from Uppsala University.

Main experience:
Eva has many years of experience in finance at larger companies. She has worked within business control, financial control, reporting and internal audit. She also has extensive experience from major international firms in the pharmaceutical industry.

Holds 8,800 shares.

team member

Adam Feiler

CTO since 2012adam.feiler@nanologica.com

Education and training:
Doctorate in physical chemistry from The Ian Wark Research Institute at the University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia.

Main experience:
Adam has nearly two decades’ academic research experience in the area of nanoparticles, biomaterials and medical implants. His experience also includes a broad range of analytical methodologies within microscopy and spectroscopy. Adam also has several years’ industrial experience from the Institute for Surface Chemistry (currently SP Chemistry, Materials and Surfaces) as head of research and business manager. Whilst there he was in charge of managing contract research projects within the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

Other assignments:
Adam serves as Scientific Advisor to Sigrid Therapeutics and to SwedNanoTech. He is also an adjunct professor at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm.

Holds 1,000 shares.

team member

Chunfang Zhou

Global Sales Director Chromatography since 2018chunfang.zhou@nanologica.com

Education and training:
Post Doc. from the University of Aveiro i Portugal, Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Nanjing University i Kina, chemical engineer from Sichuan University i Kina

Main experience:
Chunfang has 17 years experience of nanoporous silica from chromatography as well as drug delivery. She did her PhD within the topic and has remained ever since, first as a scientist then as sales director.

Other assignments:
No other assignments.


team member

Kia Bengtsson

Director of Clinical Development and Drug Delivery since 2019kia.bengtsson@nanologica.com

Education and training:
Registered nurse, Karolinska University Hospital

Main experience:
Kia has more than 20 years experience from the pharmaceutical industry and clinical R&D whereof the last ten years in leading positions at Eurocine Vaccines, Ipsen and AstraZeneca.

Other assignments:
No other assignments.


Board of Directors

team member

Gisela Sitbon (1958)

Chairperson of the board
Board member since 2012,
Chairman since 2014

Education and training:
Doctorate in medical sciences from the Karolinska Institute in Solna

Main experience:
Twenty-five years’ experience in the life science industry, of which just over ten years in senior positions (including CEO) at Professional Genetics Laboratory AB and five years as head of section at Karo Bio AB. Business coach in the life science sector at STING AB and responsible for business development for growth companies at her own company ZENZ AB.

Other board appointments:
Chairperson of the board Beactica AB and Lipigon Pharmaceuticals AB, board member of Aifloo AB, CollaboDoc AB and Annexin Pharmaceuticals AB

Holds 20,000 shares through the company Sitbon Bioscience Partner Zenz AB.

team member

Peter von Ehrenheim (1955)

Board member since 2016

Education and training:
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm.

Main experience:
Head of the separation division at Amersham and GE Healthcare between 2000 and 2006, and CEO of GE Healthcare Life Sciences 2006 to 2011.

Other board appointments:
Chairman of Biolin Scientific AB, Boule Diagnostics AB, VBN Components AB and Robustus Wear Components AB and board member of Biotage AB and Meda AB.

Holds 5,500 shares.

team member

Hans Lennernäs (1960)

Board member since 2014

Education and training:
Doctorate in pharmacy from Uppsala University

Main experience:
Professor of Biopharmacy at the Department of Pharmacy, Uppsala University. Co-founder of, among others, DuoCort Pharma AB and LIDDS AB.

Other board appointments:
Board member of Hans Lennernäs Biomedical AB, Recipharm Pharmaceutical Development AB and Empros Pharma AB.

Holds 6,000 shares through the company Hans Lennernäs Biomedical AB.

team member

Lena Torlegård (1963)

Board member since 2014

Education and training:
B.Sc in business
administration from the Stockholm School of Economics

Main experience:
Over 15 years’ experience as a communications consultant, for companies in the life science sector as well. She works primarily with financial communications and corporate communications but also with crisis management and trademark issues. Senior consultant at Springtime AB in Stockholm.

Other board appointments:
Board member of IRLAB Therapeutics and Annexin Pharmaceuticals.

Holds 3,739 shares.

team member

Eva Byröd (1952)

Board Member since 2017

Education and training:
Master of Science in Chemical Engineering Chalmers University of Technology

Main Experience:
More than twenty-five years experience as a line manager in pharmaceutical research and development and ten years experience as a Project Manager/Project Director, working in early as well as late phase pharmaceutical development projects

Holds no shares in Nanologica.


Nanologica combines a unique know how in the field of material sciences with a genuine interest in overcoming challenges within life science by means of nanotechnology. At the site in Södertälje we offer a multi-cultural, fast-paced working environment where everybody contributes. As an employee, you will be expected to combine knowledge and skills with creativity and passion to take the company to the next level. The opportunities within the company are vast as we are continuously growing and developing.

At Nanologica, we are keen to match the right person with the right position and believe in provision of equal opportunities regardless of age, sex, nationality, religion, etc. We are currently a team of 15 talented and committed individuals, evenly distributed between women and men, representing seven different nationalities in total.

Welcome to join our journey!


We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

Business Developer Chromatography

We are looking for a driven and structured, yet flexible, Business Developer with a high working capacity, to help us make most of the opportunity in column sales that arose in China in 2018, to take Nanologica to the next level in becoming a global player within the chromatographical field.

Please address questions and applications to Britt Svedberg, COO: britt.svedberg@nanologica.com.


In addition, you are welcome to send an open application to info@nanologica.com. We welcome applications from everyone, from apprentices and post-graduate students, to researchers, engineers and industry experts!

Corporate Governance

Privacy Policy

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Collected information
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Usage and storage of information
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Data subject rights
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