NLAB Silica Technology

NLAB Silica Technology

Nanologica develops nanoporous silica for drug delivery formulation. Nanologica’s proprietary NLAB Silica™ particles solves problems in pharmaceutical formulations by improving solubility, enhancing bioavailability and protecting APIs from degradation.

Benefit of NLAB Silica™

• Enhancing dissolution kinetics of poorly soluble compounds
• Controlling release kinetics
• Improving bioavailability
• Stabilizing amorphous form
• Improving handling of APIs
• Applicable for a broad range of APIs

NLAB Silica™

• Nanoporous amorphous silica
• GRAS approved excipient
• Tuneable particle and pore size
• High loading up to 50%50%
• Free-flowing powder



Nanologica currently runs three projects.


Case Studies – 1

Reformulated drugs with improved efficacy

NLAB SilicaTM has shown great potential for tackling one of the most pressing global issues of multi resistant bacteria which, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), is a major threat to worldwide public health. Nanologica developed new formulations of marketed anti-infective drugs to overcome complications and limitations of the drugs. The studies demonstrated that the reformulated drugs can lead to improved efficacy and safety compared to the current products. Reformulation of pharmaceutical drugs using NLAB SilicaTM offers an effective route to provide better oral treatment to help combat infectious diseases, such as antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis or HIV.

Case Studies – 2

A milestone has successfully been achieved using NLAB SilicaTM as the delivery vehicle for biologics formulation. Peptide growth factors were encapsulated in NLAB SilicaTM to enable controlled and sustained release upon transplantation in vivo. The controlled delivery of growth factors resulted in improved differentiation and survival of co-transplanted neuron stem cells in mouse models of spinal cord injury and other neuronal diseases. These findings have the potential of revolutionizing the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders. Nanologica is presently pursuing results from this research towards Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) therapy.


Nanologica maintains strong fundamental research activities validating applications of porous silica for drug delivery. We routinely publish scientific studies in peer-reviewed journals.


Nanologica has a strong patent portfolio based on its proprietary material and applications in drug delivery.