Business Model

Business Model

Nanologica’s business strategy balances business areas with different risk profiles, including developing its own assets based on IPR generated with internal funding – advancing them to a stage where they can be spun out. Nanologica is focusing on the two business areas Chromatography and Drug Delivery, and has established a development program for its growing pipeline of internal assets.

Internal Assets

Through internal development programs, Nanologica explores formulations of small molecules and biologics that will benefit from NLAB SilicaTM technology for better therapeutic effect. The internal projects are conducted with a network of scientific collaborators, medical advisors and other technology providers or pharmaceutical companies. These projects are developed as assets to a point where they can be licensed, sold or co-developed through clinical trials.


Nanologica collaborated with the US-based Alcyone Sciences and Professor Elena Kozlova at Uppsala University to develop a novel therapeutic platform for delivery of therapeutic peptides for treatment of motor neuron disorders.
The controlled delivery of trophic factors from NLAB SilicaTM resulted in the differentiation and growth of implanted embryonic stem cells.

Combining NLAB SIlicaTM with Alcyone’s drug delivery platform has the potential of new and enhanced therapy for the treatment of motor neuron disorders including ALS.