Nanologica uses a uniquely optimized silica technology to produce a highly advanced spherical porous silica – NLAB SAGA.  The highly defined pore and particle size distributions translate to very low back pressures and high plate numbers.
SVEA HPLC columns have been tested and hence proven to have very life long life cycles due to the strong silica backbone properties of NLAB SAGA™.

The proprietary surface chemistry developed by Nanologica gives excellent selectivity across a wide range of chemistry, with a cutting advantage in separating basic molecules.

On offer are a range of phases with different and complementary chromatographic properties. We perform the functionalisation at our production laboratory using proprietary production protocols to produce densely functionalised and end capped silica particles with low residual silanol activity/acidity. The result is particles with excellent chromatographic performance and exceptional chemical stability.

Consequently, we take pride in delivering the best of service and support, to match our product quality and performance as the solution provider in the field of lifesciences.


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