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Expertly engineered HPLC columns provide high resolution with low backpressure and high reproducibility suited for quality chromatography.

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Catalogues and brochures containing information on our products.

Catalogues and Brochures

Applications and Technical Support

Documentation and data pertaining SVEA columns used for diverse applications including separation of various APIs, chemical entities and performance charts.
Technical data and support information for SVEA columns.

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Nanologica provides you with world class HPLC and UHPLC columns and a wide-ranging portfolio of bonded phases.

We have been producing, modifying and coating silica for many years. As a result, to deliver the best product to customers, we have modern equipment and demanding quality control at each of the different production stages at the manufacturing site in Sweden. Moreover, our long experience and knowledge in silica chemistry guarantees high quality and excellent batch to batch reproducibility.

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